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McGrath Bakery Services Ltd

35a Donacloney Road


Northern Ireland

BT25 1JR


t:(028) 3888 1200


Salva / Tecknostamap / Merand /

Mecnosud / Turri / Thermogel /

Riehle / Tisomi


About McGrath Bakery Services Ltd.
McGrath Bakery Services Ltd has had many years experience operating within the baskery equipment sector of industry and has had the privellage of supplying many business across Ireland within the same sector.
They have achieved sole agent status for various manufacturers including:
  • Salva
  • Tecknostamap
  • Mecnosud
  • Thermogel
This partnership with the manufacturer allows MBS to bring unique deals and offers to the customer.
Salva logo
Our Partnership with Salva enables us to provide their renowned modular ovens which are ideal solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

TecknostamapTecknostamap, renowned for robust mixers, pastry breaks and sheeters have joined with us as representatives across Ireland for their machinery and are intrusted to maintain the same machinery, providing the customer with the best service possible.


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