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Doghnut Fryer.
The working way of the DLA Series from Riehle is especially easy and highly efficient.

It allows a continuous and submerged frying and guarantees in it's mode of operation an always constant frying result at reduced frying time.
The products to be fryed could be easily fed into the fryer via a table with polyester cloths, or alternatively via a dosing system (e.g. curd cheese balls, doghnuts).
The submerging belt and the ransportation belt keep the products in a submerged position and guarantee a continuous transport through the fryer. This avoids a time-consuming turning of the products.
At the end of the frying line the products will be discharged via an exit belt (which guarantees a drain of the frying oil within the fryer) via a collecting unit. The DLA series consist of three strainless steel components which allows a tool free disassembling of the fryer for easy cleaning.

Available Accessories
Automatic stamp or cutting dosing
Feeding able to feed the fryer via polyester cloths or conveyor belt
Mobile underframe
Stainless steel sugar bowl
Collecting basket with sugar bowl and wire basket

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