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McGrath Bakery Services Ltd

35a Donacloney Road


Northern Ireland

BT25 1JR


t:(028) 3888 1200


Salva / Tecknostamap / Merand /

Mecnosud / Turri / Thermogel /

Riehle / Tisomi


McGrath Bakery Services Ltd provide high quality bakery equipment to all types and sizes of bakeries with contracts ranging from small local bakeriess right up to mass production environments where both speed and reliability is required in order for the business to reach performance targets.

MBS also provide high quality bespoke systems whereby we examine your current process and develop systems to suit your needs, allowing you to improve efficiency and cut costs.

This website was designed to help you the client choose machinery and equipment from our vast range, obtain information and make contact, the main focus being to deliver informative content with specifications so that you know what you want before you need to make contact.

For high quality new and used bakery equipment across Ireland North & South, look no further than MBS.
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