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Supplier: Tekno Stamap
Name:Tekno Stamap LAM
Model No: LAM 500 - 600

The LAM line of Reversible Sheeters were specifically designed with the particular consideration for use within small bread-pastry bakeries, hotels and restaurants.

Dimensions of the machine are quite compact, more so when the machine is in it�s storage position.

Once finished using the machine, the conveyor tables can be raised up into a resting position, thereby occupying less space within the work area.

This position also facilitates effective cleaning of the unit.

The absence of uncovered and unprotected electrical components, motors, and chords, the detailed conformity of exterior panels, the simplicity of the removeable and replaceable dough scrapers without use of tools and minimal time to do so, make this unit particulary simple and expedient to clean.

Ergonomically designed handles facilitate ease of dough thickness selection with a high degree of accuracy and confidence.

All of these features coupled with the general ease of use make this machine unparalled.

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