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Supplier: Tekno Stamap
Name:Tekno Stamap LAM
Model No: 6500

The new Lam line of sheeters has been specifically designed to respond to the industrial need for laminating very small dough thicknesses in larger quantities than in normal use.

This performance has been achieved by manufacturing machines with large working conveyors (up to 650mm wide) and very strong, accurate laminating rollers.

A re-designed handle facilitates ease of dough thickness selection with a high degree of accuracy and confidence. A lever controls the reversible belts. The scrapers are easily removed for cleaning.

The conveyor tables can be raised at the end of the working day thus occupying less room.

The safety devices are made from stainless steel and the electric equipment is fitted with overload protection.

Flour collecting trays are available upon request. The machine can be built in stainless steel if required (optional).

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