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Supplier: Tekno Stamap
Name:Tekno Stamap SF
Model No: 500-600

TEKNO STAMAP�s policy is creating its pastry sheeters, the SF 500 and SF 600., was to endow robust, functional, and easy to use features.

Both models are in fact highly versatile and reliable and can be adapted for use in both large and small bakeries.

The SF 500 and SF 600 pastry sheeters need very little maintenance, an asset to the user.

The accessories supplied with either model enables them to become essential production units within any facility.

The conveyor tables can be raised into a resting position thus occupying less space and facilitating cleaning with ease.

With the optional cutting attachment, the power output is increased, thereby allowing bakers the added ability of processing many types a products.

The purchaser also has the option of ordering tailor made shapes to suit his cutting requirements.

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