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McGrath Bakery Services Ltd

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Northern Ireland

BT25 1JR


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Mecnosud / Turri / Thermogel /

Riehle / Tisomi


Supplier: Mecnosud
Name:Mecnosud SP
Model No: SP 60-80-100-130-160-250

The steel-bowl, the spiral, the shaft are made in strong high stainless steel The protection cover is made in stainless steel The head plate is covered in stainless steel the machine can be equipped with two operating speeds automatically adjustable two independent motors for spiral and bowl a bowl with rotation on impulse two electronic timers for an automatic management of operating speedsa predisposition for a flip-over mechanism on worktable or dividera reversible bowl A chain drive system made using trapezoidal belts to get the highest silence The front feet are made in stainless steel and they are adjustable The rear wheels give an easy movement The electric system and the safety devices are conform to the european regulations

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