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Name:Scobie Hot Plate
Model No: na

The Scobie Sconeplate is a hugely popular hotplate used in bakeries and supermarkets the length and breadth of the UK. It is robustly designed to provide a maximum, evenly heated, smooth surface for the production of scones and pancakes. The plate has digital elements ensuring rapid adjustment of temperature over the entire surface to meet all demands by the baker.

This 4" chrome plated scone plate has stainless steel guard rails fitted along front and back edges and is mounted on a stainless steel tubular frame to provide an optimum working height: The frame has rubber castors fitted to rear legs, thus permitting easy change of position whilst ensuring stability when being used. The superb and very easily cleaned hard wearing surface concentrates heat distribution at surface level, providing a much reduced heating up and recovery time with a 20% energy efficiency rating compared to mild steel. Operator comfort is greatly enhanced as the chrome skin reduces heat loss.

Price: From £2650

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