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Flow Wrapper.
There are several different types of wrapping uits available with different levels of automation. We use Tisomi as our supplier.

Flow wrapperTISOMI manufacture and supply Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal, HFFS machines, more commonly known as a Flowrapper, Flow Wrapper, "Flow Pack" or "Flow Packer" machines. TISOMI offer a wide range of rotary continuous motion machines from the small TUSCAN 500 entry-level model to the high performance wide bodied TUSCAN 2000. The TITAN range of box motion machines offer high integrity sealing in continuous or intermittent (variable bag-length) versions. Both rotary and box motion machines are available in conventional or top-seal (inverted) format. TISOMI machines can pack a huge range of products using almost any heat sealable or cold-seal wrapping material. All machines are available in part stainless or full 'damp atmosphere' stainless. All TISOMI machines are rugged, modern, high quality and designed with the latest features and are built to exacting standards in the UK and Italy

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